Cyril Hanouna atomizes Louis Boyard on Twitter after his clash in TPMP! – Tuxboard

Cyril Hanouna atomizes Louis Boyard on Twitter after his clash in TPMP! – Tuxboard

Cyril Hanouna adds a layer against the deputy NUPES Louis Boyard on Twitter after his clash in TPMP, he ridicules him!

Last night, viewers were able to witness a big clash between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard in TPMP. This sequence made the rounds of the web and theMY FACE was seized for ruling after the insults shared on set. And a few moments later, the host of Touche not at my post added a layer on Twitter.

A big clash between the deputy and the host!

Last night in Touche pas à mon poste, Cyril Hanouna received Louis Boyard. L’animator of TPMP therefore invited its former columnist who recently became a deputy for NUPES. If at the start everything was fine, the deputy started to want to talk about Vincent Bolloré. And there everything went wrong.

After Louis Boyard’s attacks on Bolloré, Cyril Hanouna started wanting to put it back in place. “Do you know that you are in the Bolloré group here? What are you doing here then? Bolloré gave you money since you were a columnist here… You came here to show off. ».

The member then attempted to respond to theanimator of TPMP. “So we don’t have the right to criticize Bolloré… It’s you who are making a splash. You’re telling an elected official of the Republic that he has no right to say something on TV. ».

Baba did not appreciate the words of his former columnist…

“Stop telling it to yourself, elected or not elected, I don’t give a damn… What do you think? You think you come here you’re going to talk to me badly? And do you think I’m scared of you or what? » Louis Boyard then replied “Do you think that freedom of the press can be played with? You got Zemmour up for the presidency and now we wouldn’t have the right to criticize Bolloré? But do you realize what you’re doing, Cyril? »

The host of Do not touch My TV then replied “I’ve received more people from Nupes here than Zemmour, you moron. The Nupes, I receive them all the time. If you’re a deputy, it’s thanks to us. Ask Raquel Garrido, I have him on the phone every day… Go to a group where you have more freedom than here. You don’t even have freedom in the National Assembly, as soon as you speak they close your g…”

Louis Boyard then chained “No but are you serious or what? You are irresponsible, Cyril and you are hurting France. You’re raising racism and we don’t even have the right to criticize Bolloré on your channel? »

It bothered me a lot Cyril Hanouna who did not expect that at all. And he ended up concluding “You haven’t done anything except put on a suit and blow-dry. Tocard, go. Shut your mouth. You came here, you took your pill, you were smart. »

Cyril Hanouna atomizes Louis Boyard on Twitter after his clash in TPMP!

following the comments exchanged in TPMP, ARCOM was seized. For now they are looking at the pictures of theemission and analyze what happened. But Cyril Hanouna decided not to stop there.

On his Twitter account, the host of TPMP has added a layer. Cyril Hanouna posted a message to MP Louis Boyard. “This sequence with @LouisBoyard is proof that on #TPMP, we can say everything, and invite everyone. If even the deputies want to make a buzz now…Where are we going? Go take a chamomile my Louis and go buy yourself a suit! ❤️ »

Cyril Hanouna has therefore decided to destroy Louis Boyard once again before moving on. But the sequence continues to make people talk and divides on Twitter.

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