Cyril Hanouna attacks Nicolas Bedos in TPMP

Cyril Hanouna attacks Nicolas Bedos in TPMP

Cyril Hanouna again settled his accounts last night in Do not touch My TV. The emblematic host of C8 returned with his columnists on a sequence broadcast on Saturday in What an era!. Ragnar the Breton was one of the guests by Léa Salamé and the artist sparked debate by considering that in France, “some media, not all, play a devastating role in human relations” and “in society”. The actor took the example of his grandmother who lives in Brittany and who “does not have access to certain knowledge, to certain things that can happen, for example, in Paris“.”She watches BFMTV, she becomes racist! It’s a reality. It’s true !“, he had related. Present at his side, Nicolas Bedos had then cracked a small valve: “So if she goes on CNews, I’m not telling you“.

This small remark against the channel of the Canal group, of which C8 is also a part, was not to the taste of a very “corporate” Cyril Hanouna. “Well, there was the valve of Nicolas Bedos, who will not forget to call Canal + to ask for money to finance his films“, tackled the father of Lino and Bianca before putting a layer on the son of the late Guy Bedos: “Don’t forget to call me to come and defend him. Afterwards, it’s Nicolas, we like him like that with his little valves but let him close it a little”, he asserted.


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