“Cyril Hanouna believes he represents the ‘people’, a notion that has justified all fascist or totalitarian excesses in history”

“Cyril Hanouna believes he represents the ‘people’, a notion that has justified all fascist or totalitarian excesses in history”

Iit was time. After the violent altercation which opposed the deputy [La France insoumise, LFI, Val-de-Marne] Louis Boyard to Cyril Hanouna, no one talks about slippages about the controversies linked to the host, and we understand more and more that it is a system put in place over the seasons. The tipping point is undoubtedly in 2015, when the billionaire Vincent Bolloré invests massively to keep Hanouna, multiplying the ambitions of the host.

But understanding that it is a system is not enough to be able to decipher it.

Defining what Hanouna is already reveals the complexity of the phenomenon: host, producer, investor, debater, interviewer, stand-up, prosecutor, spokesperson… He became all of that, we did all of that. Like a Golem shaped by the last audiovisual decades, there are in him Ardisson, Ruquier, Polac, Dechavanne, Delarue… With the difference that his predecessors were confined to their program(s), at a time without Internet, replay or social networks.

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Hanouna is omnipresent, so much the noise he makes is continuous: on the channel to which he has the keys and which broadcasts dozens of hours of his programs weekly, on the networks which ceaselessly buzz with comments from each columnist, relayed by millions of followers; by the constellation of sites – qualified as “putaclics” – which live only through confrontations on its plateaus. In all this Hanouna also reminds of Agent Smith of the trilogy Matrixkind of computer virus that spreads everywhere, and that can only be overcome by destroying the system itself.

The triumph of “infotainment”

It is only the reflection, or the symptom, of an era which gave birth to it, and which it in turn feeds: the horizontalization of all domains and the contestation of all verticality imply that everyone has an opinion and gives it, and that all opinions, even and especially extreme ones, are legitimate; the triumph ofinfotainment has abolished hierarchies, leading to absolute relativism, and the scripting of violence and humiliation gives priority to clashes and polemics…

But these elements, although essential, cannot fully explain how we arrive at the uninhibited insult of a deputy live, in front of two million viewers. A determining element of the equation is that, affected by the “Coluche syndrome”, especially since the “yellow vests”, Hanouna believes to represent the people and to speak in their name. This legitimacy of conviction, fueled by all the credit, notably political, granted to it, and the permanent election of the Audimat – he who recognized, in 2013, not having his voter card –, is the ultimate explanation of his positions when he calls for expeditious justice in the Lola affair or insult to the deputy Louis Boyard.

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