Cyril Hanouna challenges the Minister of Culture

Cyril Hanouna challenges the Minister of Culture

Cyril Hanouna did not taste the warning from the Minister of Culture with regard to the C8 and CNews channels. In a diatribe of about fifteen minutes broadcast on Monday, January 16, in the program “6 to 7”, the host and populist tribune vehemently criticized the budget of 3.8 billion dedicated in 2023 to public broadcasting (France Télévisions, Radio France, Arte, France Media World, National Audiovisual Institute). “Privatize it all to me”advocated Cyril Hanouna, finding the sum shameful, before calling on Rima Abdul Malak so that the latter could speak about this on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste! », rather than in the columns of the World.

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In a published interview Monday morning on our siteRima Abdul Malak had reacted to the recurring overflows occurring in the program “TPMP”, on C8. Asked about the quality of the responses provided by the Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority (Arcom), the Minister felt that it was necessary to “empower presenters, columnists, but also channel owners, to remind them that the authorization to use their frequencies free of charge comes with obligations”.

“Mollo the maggot”

Rima Abdul Malak also recalled that Arcom is “Intervened twenty times since 2019 about C8 and CNews”. “When we arrive, in 2025, at the time of the analysis of their balance sheet for the renewal of their broadcasting authorizations, Arcom will be able to look at how they have respected these obligations”again replied the tenant of the rue de Valois. A way of putting pressure on the Canal+ group, which did not wish to react to the sequence of the day before. The authorizations for DTT frequencies 8 and 16, occupied by C8 and CNews, will indeed expire on February 28, 2025 and August 31 of the same year.

“Madam Minister who talks about frequencies, does she realize the number of people we make work? »got annoyed Cyril Hanouna. “All the cinema that we finance with C8, Canal+? Does she realize that? (…) so let her take it easy on the maggot”he blurted out before warning Rima Abdul Malak that she “does not have to give its opinion and influence the Arcom on its decision”.

In October 2022, Cyril Hanouna had called for the “direct perpetuity” against the suspect in the murder of young Lola, a 12-year-old girl killed in Paris. In early November, the host then insulted the deputy of Val-de-Marne Louis Boyard (La France insoumise), causing an uproar. The Arcom had reacted Friday, November 18 by putting C8 on notice for “failure to deal with an ongoing legal case with moderation”and ignorance of “the obligation to respect the expression of different points of view on the air on a controversial subject”.

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