Cyril Hanouna has been through hell in this hotel but takes it with a lot of humor! – Tuxboard

Cyril Hanouna has been through hell in this hotel but takes it with a lot of humor! – Tuxboard

Cyril Hanouna continues to experience great galleys lately! He had a funny event in a hotel!

When he experiences major difficulties, Cyril Hanouna does not hesitate to tell on social networks. He just shared his huge hassle in a hotel! We tell you everything!

Cyril Hanouna raises the ranking of the worst columnists

As at the end of each year, it’s time to take stock on the set of TPMP. Cyril Hanouna likes to reveal the ranking of the best columnists. It was Guillaume Genton who took first place. Baba therefore announced with great pride: “The TPMP columnist that the public felt was making the best comeback, with a score of 30.2%, was Guillaume Genton”. The latter is very happy. He took advantage of this ranking pour clash the one he no longer supportsnamely Matthieu Delormeau:

So already thank you very much, I’m like crazy my face and I dedicate this first place to Matthieu, it’s for you, baby“. Matthieu Delormeau (Cyril Hanouna) is therefore very, because it only has the second positionot : “I think he’s very good. I thank the public very much and it’s really adorable. Then I find that maybe, and I mean maybe, Beatrice climbed strong, a little high… No, but on top of that I like him, we made up. I think she’s a little high given what she brings to the show.

Arrival then Raymond Aabou, Béatrice Rosen and finally Jean-Marie Bigard : “In 5th position on TPMPhe has just arrived, he is already 5th, it’s Jean-Marie Bigard… In 4th position, it’s really a surprise because she doesn’t come very often. She is 4th with a score of 11.6%, it’s Béatrice Rosen. Beatrice who is much loved ». Then, Cyril Hanouna then announces Géraldine Maillet, Delphine Wespiser. But also Bernard Montiel with 2.7% of the votes and finally Kelly Vedovelli. In last position, there are Valérie Benaïm, Benjamin Castaldi and Danielle Moreau.

Cyril Hanouna recounts his huge hassle in a hotel!

Cyril Hanouna recounts his huge hassle in a hotel!

A strange hassle for Baba

This Saturday, December 17, while France was impatiently awaiting the Miss France competition, Cyril Hanouna had other plans. The host of TPMP has therefore decided to go to the city of Caen. But when he wanted to rest and thus have a good weekend, he had a lot of problems. So he talked about it on his Instagram account. The host of TPMP then says that he has booked a room in a hotel. But he had a lot of trouble getting to his room.

And for good reason ! Her room key card had a big problem. It no longer worked! This is a funny adventure that Cyril Hanouna has eager to tell on his Instagram accountm: “LBaba’s adventures: The door problem!“. He therefore shared a video in which he recounts this big mess. One thing is certain, it amused Internet users. We can read in the comments: “The door makes Shabbat”, “Mdr the camera will cut. He will change hotels directly. 5 stars”, “You are too nice, you do not take the big head. You settle for a simple hotel. Bravo… On the other hand, be careful not to get stuck. We can’t wait to see you on Monday “.

Once again, Cyril Hanouna amused the gallery. This relaxes the atmosphere because he was very criticized lately. Indeed, he canceled his show several times to replace it with best of.

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