Cyril Hanouna settles his accounts with Sophia Aram by evoking the legal setbacks of his mother

Cyril Hanouna settles his accounts with Sophia Aram by evoking the legal setbacks of his mother

Each day, Do not touch My TV represents a great platform of expression for Cyril Hanouna. The flagship host of C8 can confide in countless subjects and express his rants, which he does not fail to do. On October 24, a new chapter opened in the “war” between him and Sophia Aram.

The fault of a mood ticket from the comedian on France Inter, in which she had notably criticized him for celebrating with great fanfare a success of hearing the day after a program where he evoked the tragic Lola affair. Sophia Aram, who had treated the host of “barbarian of the worst kind”had also mocked that he is asking justice to speed up this case, in defiance of any rule of instruction. As a reminder, Cyril Hanouna had wanted Dahbia, the alleged murderer of little Lola, to be tried “immediately”, “in a few hours” and sentenced directly to life imprisonment.

This column had not really been to the taste of Cyril Hanouna who had responded to Sophia Aram the next day in TPMP. “Be careful before saying things because otherwise Sophia Aram, who nobody knows, will do a column about you tomorrow”, had he let go before then denouncing his “mediocrity” and treat it “dumb”.

Yesterday, Friday November 4, Cyril Hanouna again settled his accounts with the 49-year-old comedian, following an opinion given on what he considers to be a relentlessness with regard to the lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio who he received on his set. “When I see columnists like Sophia Aram, who better take care of her mother, who scammed thousands of people. Her mother, it’s catastrophic what she did. She better take care of her family rather than taking care of us. Besides, she better take care of having talent…”he blurted out. In 2011, Khadija Aram, the comedian’s mother, was convicted by the Versailles tribunal de grande instance of fraud while she was deputy mayor of Trappes between 2008 and 2010. She was found guilty of having to hold out to eight people in an irregular situation the obtaining of a residence permit against a remuneration estimated at 31,500 euros.

Quite annoyed, the one who animates Facing Baba continued his charge by attacking France Inter radio more generally. “I would really like to know what the sores of France Inter like Sophia Aram and Guillaume Meurice are up to, who are all day drinking coffee at the Café de Flore. I would like to know what they do for the others because it is us, with our taxes, who pay this bunch of idiots from France Inter… They put us in the mouth all day long and do nothing for them. others. They only think about their little faces…”he said sorry.


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