Damar Hamlin’s entourage remains optimistic

Damar Hamlin’s entourage remains optimistic

We remain optimisticmentioned Jordon Rooney in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. He added that he could not offer further details regarding Hamlin’s condition, at the request of those close to him.

On Tuesday, the Bills said Hamlin was in an induced coma and was in critical condition.

Rooney added that Hamlin’s loved ones remain hopeful and have been amazed by the continued support people have had for the Bills player since he suffered a cardiac arrest. Hamlin was then resuscitated in the field, before being transported by ambulance to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

They are grateful for the support they are currently receiving, Rooney said. Damar is still their priority. However, as they always have, they still try to make a positive out of a difficult situation. He and his family will emerge much stronger from this experience.

This update from Rooney comes after Hamlin’s uncle, Dorrian Glenn, told multiple media outlets on Tuesday night that his nephew was showing encouraging signs of recovery. In particular, he mentioned the fact that the doctors had reduced his oxygen supply from 100% to 50%.

He is still on medication, Glenn admitted to the CNN network. They just want him to have the best chance of recovering quickly. They believe that by putting him on medication, then his body will recover faster than if he were awake and he will avoid complications.

Rooney, however, wanted to clarify a statement from Glenn, who claimed Hamlin had to be resuscitated twice. Rooney indicated that it was not not entirely accurate and that he had only been revived once.

The horrific scene in which Hamlin collapsed on the lawn aired on national television as part of the show Monday night football ESPN, caused the game to be suspended and the game suspended indefinitely by the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) are battling the Bills (12-3) and Bengals (11-4) for the AFC title.

The Bills, who returned to Buffalo in the early hours Tuesday morning, are scheduled to play games and take part in a light practice session on Wednesday. They are expected to return to regular practice on Thursday, ahead of their game next Sunday against the New England Patriots.

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