“Dancing with the stars”: viewers demand the departure of a candidate

“Dancing with the stars”: viewers demand the departure of a candidate

Weeks pass and the noose tightens in “Dance with the Stars”. This Friday evening, five couples gave their all on the floor in order to reach the semi-final next week. With their chacha and their jive, Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy managed to collect the most points and were therefore directly qualified for the semi-final.

Unfortunately, the show had to spend the time of an evening with one of its leading dancers, Christophe Licata, partner of Léa Eluì. “I wanted to inform you that I will not be able to accompany my @leaelui on this bonus @dals_tf1. I was sick during training but I assure you nothing serious”, writes the dancer on social networks before announcing that it is Jordan Mouillerac who will exceptionally accompany the influencer.

A change that obviously did not bring luck to the young woman, eliminated at the end of the show. A departure that has aroused many reactions on the web. According to Internet users, it is not Lea Elui who should have packed his bags this Friday evening but Thomas Da Costa, actor of the series “Here everything begins”. Despite progressing over the weeks, the young man would have a level much lower than the other candidates still in the running. And yet, the regular face to face is always saved by the public.

What allows him to stay in the adventure all the same, according to Internet users, is his partner, Elsa Bois, and the enormous influence of the latter’s companion, the YouTuber Michou, who benefits from a huge community on the platform and social networks.

“It’s sad what I’m going to say but Michou’s fans are ruining Elsa’s career. The producer may want to make her dance more for fear that her partner will always be saved without any merit… and that’s normal. It’s shameful there”, “Thomas who stays is the biggest scam of this season”, “5 times that Thomas and Elsa are saved by the public, it becomes really tiring”, “I hope the public will wake up and eliminate Thomas because a semi-final with his level would be an absolute shame”, can we for example read on Twitter. Words to which the main interested party has not yet responded.

Next Friday, it is therefore Billy Crawford, Stéphane Legar, Carla Lazzari and Thomas Da Costa who will compete for a place in the final.

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