Daniel Balavoine: the day the singer lost his life in a helicopter crash

Daniel Balavoine: the day the singer lost his life in a helicopter crash

Daniel Balavoine was theambassador for the humanitarian action of Paris du Cœur at the Paris-Dakar Rally of January 1986. The singer had already been a pilot during the competition of 1983 and 1985. On January 14, the 14th stage of the race took place which links Niamey and Gourma-Rharous in Mali.

That day, the 33-year-old singer joined Thierry Sabine, the creator of the competition. They both boarded a helicopter. Nobody would have imagined that they were going to be victims of an accident. In this article, we will look back on this terrible tragedy.

A few hours before the unthinkable

On the day of the 14th stage of the competition, the climate was turbulent. On the morning of January 14, 1986, a sandstorm arose. Today’s event, linking Niamey and Gourma-Rharous in Mali, isa distance of 843 kilometers.

The singer Daniel Balavoine had come to supervise the operation “water pumps” Paris from the Heart. He went to Niamey airport to join Thierry Sabine. Together, they joined the city of Gao.

Once there, Daniel Balavoine and the creator of the competition kicked off a football match. This match, organized within the framework of Paris-Dakar, opposed the team of Gao to that of Mopti.

Two hours later, the singer and Thierry Sabine leave to join Gourma-Rharous. Their destination was located 250 kilometers from Gao. François-Xavier Bagnoud piloted the helicopter to take them to the finish of today’s stage.

Two other people were also in the vehicle. Indeed, Thierry Sabine had invited Nathalie Odent, the journalist of the Sunday newspaper and Jean-Paul Le fur, the radio technician of RTL. Journalist Jean-Luc Roy who had gave way to Daniel Balavoine at the last moment came back to this day.

“We crossed paths with Daniel. He asked me if I didn’t mind taking my place in the helicopter. We still exchange a few words and I close the door … “, he told Figaro.

Daniel Balavoine: his tragic accident

Night was beginning to fall and the climatic conditions were deteriorating more and more. The helicopter first flew posed at Gossi before restarting. The flight was very dangerous because of the gusts of wind.

Under such climatic conditions, the pilot decided to land 22 kilometers before the destination of Gourma-Rharous. This is where the unthinkable happened. The helicopter pilot quickly lost control of the vehicle. The aircraft crashed on a dune.

On January 14, 1986, at 7:20 p.m., the helicopter carrying 4 people disintegrated over almost 150 meters. No passenger in the vehicle survived this accident. The French population lost one of the greatest singers of his generation when he was only 33 years old.

On January 15, 1986, this tragic accident made the headlines. The news spread quickly and France was in mourning. The body of Daniel Balavoine is repatriated to France for his burial. The funeral of the artist and father took place on January 20, 1986 in Biarritz.

A great career for a great singer

Born in 1952, the great singer had a more or less smooth start to his career. In the early 1970sDaniel Balavoine worked with many rock bands in Paris. It was not until 1975 that he released his first album which he titled “From you to her to me”.

It is in this album that we find his single ” Autumn colors “. He then released a second album “The Adventures of Simon and Gunther” in 1977. The career of Daniel Balavoine was launched when Michel Berger hired him to participate in opera-rock.

The singer distinguished himself with his portrayal of Johnny Rockfort in the musical “Starmania”. The success of this rock opera launched his career. Daniel Balavoine has released several hits “When we get to town” and ” Lucy “ in 1978.

In 1980, the young artist released the titles ” My son, my fight “ and ” I am not a hero “. These songs have become cult in French song. A few months before his disappearanceDaniel Balavoine had released his last album “Save Love”. A great commercial success containing several titles which marked the life of the singer who left a little too soon.

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