Daniel Lequin publishes a book about Rodrigue Lemoyne

Daniel Lequin publishes a book about Rodrigue Lemoyne

(Stéphane Martin, October 20, 2022) – Sorelois Daniel Lequin is preparing to release his third book, which will focus on the colorful character that was Rodrigue Lemoyne of the late Sorel Sparrowhawks of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ).

The author explains that he wanted to pay tribute to a controversial character who allowed him to become famous in the world of journalism. “He was a guy who was pretty special. You have to remember we were in the 70s. He was the one who gave me my first chance when I signed with Éperviers de Sorel as the team’s publicist and house announcer. He is someone who helped me a lot to become a journalist later. […] I wanted to pay tribute to him because he was the one who put Sorel on the map at the time. When he died, we forgot about him and I thought that was a shame.”explains Daniel Lequin.

This dedication book was written with the collaboration of several people including some players who played under Rodrigue Lemoyne, his secretary, QMJHL President Gilles Courteau and instructor Michel Bergeron. Two children as well as the brother of the colorful character also participate in the work.

“He’s a guy who has marked the QMJHL in his own way. He drew a crowd and that was the thing about the league. He and I often argued, but we always made up in the end. He respected me and I respected him.adds Mr. Lequin.

According to the author, fans of scandals will find pleasure in reading this book. “The methods he used then would be frowned upon today. He was an angry person. If the team lost or the game was not to his liking, he would sometimes destroy the players’ lunch after the game. On the road, the boys entered Sorel without food and with equipment on their backs. He made them practice on the way back until the early hours of the morning. Some will laugh remembering the character, others will learn how it was in time. We must never forget that we were in the 70s.

Rodrigue Lemoyne’s book l’ours de Sorel will be officially launched on November 19 during Éperviers’ local match at the Colisée Cardin. Daniel Lequin intends to ride the wave of this third book before starting work on another writing project.

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