Darkthrone Vocalist/Guitarist Explains Why The Band Refused To Play Live

Darkthrone Vocalist/Guitarist Explains Why The Band Refused To Play Live

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The last gig of dark throne dates back to 1996 when the band played at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway.

And even if the group of black metal Norwegian fully assumes this situation, it is not really common for a band to work only in the studio, especially in the world of Metal where concerts are at the heart of culture.

In a recent interview with Wall of soundvocalist and guitarist Nocturno Culto explained the reason for their refusal to play live.

He stated : “We see ourselves as ordinary men, passionate about music. So performing, touring and personal attention are not what we are looking for.”

Culto also spoke about the album format, which some have described as “disappearing” in recent years, due to the rise of streaming and therefore interest in singles.

When asked if he was worried that the album format might not be understood by the new generation, Culto replied: “I strongly disagree with the premise of this question, as the next generation will understand the importance of full albums. People need full albums. And young people are smart enough to understand and appreciate this format. It will last as long as the music exists. Especially in the genres Rock/metal, people want this format forever.”

Darkthrone’s new album, Astral Fortress, was released on October 28.

Darkthrone – Astral Fortress (Full Album):

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