Dassault Aviation: The Book. “Air Force in Operation”

Dassault Aviation: The Book. “Air Force in Operation”

A book that recounts in detail the daily life of members of the Air Force during operations they conduct around the world. Immerse yourself in their everyday life!

A particularly sharp journalist when it comes to military aviation and the army in general (he works especially with “Raids Aviation”), Jean-Marc Tanguy has written more than ten books on the subject. Let’s cite in particular “Special Forces” or “Commandos Kieffer – 177 Frenchmen of D-Day. It is an understatement to say that the author is in his element!

In “The Air Force in Operation,” he recounts the missions of these women and men who ensure a hexagonal presence abroad while managing the security of French territory. This is how stories are told about expulsions on the Turkish border, attacks in Syria on terrorist targets, but also epics taken from the reports of Jean-Marc Tanguy in Afghanistan, Niger, Jordan, the Balkans…

In the company or aboard the Mirage and/or Rafale, the pages of this book offer several dozen stories. Some players in these conflicts are here for the first time, lifting the veil (a little, a lot…) from the key missions that they fulfill with the utmost discretion.

A book. “Air Force in Operation”. Author, Jean-Marc Tanguy. Editions Grund. EAN: 9782324031892 97

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