David Bowie: why his love affair with Amanda Lear ended abruptly

David Bowie: why his love affair with Amanda Lear ended abruptly

Each in their own way, they marked the New York intelligentsia of the 1970s. david bowiepassed away on January 10, 2016, seven years ago to the day, and Amanda Lear were therefore destined to meet. But the two artists did not only cross paths: they will live together a short love story which lasted for a year. The breakup of the two artists was suddenas remembered Amanda Lear in September 2021 on the set of Long live Sunday.

However, their first romantic date did not start under the best conditions. It didn’t go very well. He looked very bad. He had the flu. He had no eyebrows”detailed Amanda Lear on the couch of Michael Drucker. Which did not prevent her from being charmed. “He had an injured eye. He had had a stroke at school. So he had a different eye from the other. It’s a bit weird. He was fascinating. Physically, that’s not what I was looking for in a boy.

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Why did Amanda Lear leave David Bowie?

The love story between Amanda Lear and David Bowie is also the story of an artistic encounter. It is the English singer and musician who, charmed by the deep voice of his companion, will push her to launch into song. But it is also the music that will be at the origin of their break-up. Amanda Lear had then signed a contract with the manager of David Bowie.

But she understands that, in such conditions, her career as a singer will always take second place, after that of her companion. “I left because he had signed me with his manager and I was waiting for us to release my first record”she explains in Long live Sunday. “And there, his manager told me that we were first going to devote ourselves to David, to his tour and to the promotion of his new record.”


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