David Hallyday, he breaks the silence and explains the reasons for the cancellation of his concerts

David Hallyday, he breaks the silence and explains the reasons for the cancellation of his concerts

© David Hallyday, he breaks the silence and explains the reasons for the cancellation of his concerts – Source: Getty Images

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In the coming months, David Hallyday had many concerts planned. Unfortunately, they all seem canceled. Thus, the singer still wanted to speak in order to give explanations. But also to reassure his worried fans. We’ll explaine everything here.

David Hallyday, canceled concerts

It remains this Monday, January 30 that the production of David Hallyday was able to confirm the cancellation of upcoming concerts for the singer. In effect, these cancellations concern several concerts that normally take place over the next few months. So inevitably, the fact of canceling so many concerts over several months could have worried his fans. It turns out that many seemed to be worried about the singer’s state of health.

It turns out that David Hallyday had concerts planned in Châteauneuf sur Isère or even in the Hauts de France in Caudry. These normally occur during the months of April and May. But, the website of the performance halls was able to disseminate the information of these cancellations. What therefore disappoint the fans who were waiting for the singer. We can read “The production of the singer informed us that for personal reasons, the whole of the tour planned soon was canceled”.

Fortunately, no fan of David Hallyday had been able to buy tickets for this show. It turns out that the ticket office could not open until March. Thus, for the two different places, no ticket office seemed open yet.. But that doesn’t stop fans from still being disappointed that they can’t take their seats.

The explanations

So, faced with these cancellations, David Hallyday wanted to speak to explain the reasons. It turns out that the latter was able to speak directly to his fans to explain the reason for the successive cancellations. The latter states that “Hello everyone!! For the record, I personally had not announced a tour for 2023”. But, despite this somewhat disappointing news, the rockstar was able to announce to “nice surprises” for his fans in the times to come. “We are working on the new dates for 2024 and as usual I will post them all when I have them”.

But, the fact of not finding his fans, also hurts David Hallyday. He does not hide that “I miss you the… time to hit the road again and get my new baby out this year.. more to come”. This statement was therefore able to delight the public, both for its transparency and for the haste to find it. Thereby, it will still be necessary to wait until the following year to be able to discover this next album.

Besides, only a few hours after David Hallyday’s announcementthe latter was able to share a new photo. We can see him recording a song in his studioand this, in Instagram story. Thus, the first elements of his next album seem to have already been unveiled. Something to warm the hearts of fans, may be disappointed not to see him in show soon.

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