DDG says YouTubers make way more money than rappers

DDG says YouTubers make way more money than rappers

Popular on YoutubeAlso claiming a first platinum certification thanks to a calibrated banger, the rapper/vlogger DDG wanted to express himself on the differences in remuneration between rappers and YouTubers.

Does YouTube Really Pay More Than Rap?

At the head of a chain Youtube very followed, having also had the opportunity to obtain a platinum certification thanks to its title Moonwalk in Calabasasrecorded featuring with Blueface, the artist DDG is undeniably one of those fearless individuals. Not hesitating to put his feet in the dish, Darryl Dwayne “DGD” Granberry Jr. recently tweeted about the income differences between YouTubers and rappers.

No need to prolong the suspense, according to the young artist, the former pocket much more than the latter: “We are not going to lie to each other. YouTubers/streamers make more money than rappers, and there is no comparison. »

Taunted for his remarks, he quickly returned to the charge: “I’m not going to argue with you, I’m richer than… You get it. »

His conclusion will be validated by the YouTuber turned boxer then rapper KSI: “YouTube/Streaming = the most money, Music = the most respect on a mainstream level, Boxing = the most respect on the Internet. »

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