Deadpool 3, Blade and other major Marvel titles postponed

Deadpool 3, Blade and other major Marvel titles postponed

Disney has reshuffled its movie release schedule, pushing back major projects like Dead Pool 3, Blade, Fantastic Four and avengers.

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According to Variety, this shakeup would push movies back to 2026.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, Dead Pool 3 has been postponed by two months, from September 6, 2024 to November 8, 2024. Other releases have also been affected:

  • Bladewhich was scheduled for November 3, 2023, will now be released on September 6, 2024;
  • The Fantastic Four was supposed to be released on November 8, 2024, but is now scheduled for February 14, 2025;
  • An unknown Marvel project scheduled for February 14, 2025 has its release pushed back to November 7, 2025;
  • Avengers: Secret Warsoriginally scheduled for November 7, 2025, will instead be released in theaters on November 1is May 2026;
  • Finally, another unknown Marvel project that was supposed to be released on 1is May 2026 has been removed from the release schedule for the time being.

It’s no surprise that we would see the release of Blade pushed back. The project recently lost its director, as Bassam Tariq abandoned ship. Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Marvel has reportedly put filming on hold while they find a replacement director. The redesign of the release calendar could therefore have a link with Bladegiven that storylines are almost all interconnected in the MCU.


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