Death of a main character in 5e rang: Who is the killer?

Death of a main character in 5e rang: Who is the killer?

On Monday evening, we witnessed an astonishing turnaround in 5th rang.

Indeed, Lucas Fournier-Costa, who has made a lot of enemies lately, was found dead in his car.

But who murdered him? There are a lot of possibilities in this direction.

It could be his sister Tina, who found that he was taking more and more space in the family business and was becoming dangerous. It could also be Marie-Jeanne Goulet, back from Mexico (or has she even been there already?) to eliminate Lucas before he finds her. We also think of Guillaume Lamoureux, the famous “mole” who provided confidential information to Lucas, and Sandro, to whom Lucas made serious threats. Even Alain, Francine’s husband, could have decided to take drastic measures against his employers.

The long list of suspects blurs the tracks, but if we had to choose among all these corrupt characters, we would bet on Marie-Jeanne. As she is pregnant, she might have wanted to protect her baby at all costs this time. Fred, gone in search of his sweetheart in Mexico, could he have helped him to orchestrate the murder?

And you, do you have a guess?

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out the truth. For the curious, the 5th episode is already available on the EXTRA of

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