Death of Elizabeth II: the day she refused a Paul McCartney concert to watch a series

Death of Elizabeth II: the day she refused a Paul McCartney concert to watch a series

Queen Elizabeth II had her little habits to which there was no question that she departed, even for a Paul McCartney concert! the daily mail, on this Saturday, September 10, 2022, reports that the sovereign had snubbed the former member of the Beatles, one evening of the broadcast of her favorite series of the moment.

Queen Elizabeth II did not sacrifice her TV evenings. Died on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96, the sovereign had had the opportunity on several occasions to prove thatthat she lived with her time. If the Queen had mixed feelings about the TV adaptation of her life in The crownshe too had her favorite series that she never missed. Among them, Ia american drama series twin peaks broadcast in 1990 and 1991 and directed by David Lynch. The website of Daily Mail recounts, in its edition of September 10, 2022, how much his admiration for the soap opera had pushed her to decline an evening with Sir Paul McCartney !

The daily found an interview with the composer of the music for the series, Angelo Badalamentitelling the anecdote that Paul McCartney had told him in the studio, one day when they were working together on a project. The singer explains to the composer that called by the Queen’s officehe then goes to Buckingham Palace in order to play for her for 35 minutes. The former Beatles member chats with Elizabeth II, thanking her for inviting him to play his music. The Queen then exclaims:Oh, Mr. McCartney, I’m sorry but I can’t stay. Mr. McCartney, you don’t know? It’s almost eight o’clock and I have to go up to watch Twin Peaks.“. A reflection that disconcerted the evening guest! Paul McCartney particularly appreciated Queen Elizabeth II, whom he had met on several occasions, and in particular, for one of the most beautiful days of his life, the one when she did Knight of the Order of the British Empire. The author of Yesterday had, on the day of the Queen’s death, greeted his immense sense of humor coupled with great dignity“.

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The Queen’s coffin will be on display to the public

The queen’s coffin will be transported by road to the Palace of Holyroodhousein Edinburgh this Sunday, September 11. From there, he will return to London by plane this Tuesday, September 13. The Duke of Norfolk revealed in a statement that Her Majesty’s body will be exposed the next dayfor four days, at Westminster Hall, where thousands of people will be able to come and pay their respects to him, before his funeral on September 19.


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