Death of the Queen: Lisa LaFlamme becomes correspondent for CityNews

Death of the Queen: Lisa LaFlamme becomes correspondent for CityNews

Reporter Lisa LaFlamme, who recently lost her CTV anchor job amid controversy, quickly found herself working as a correspondent covering the death of Queen Elizabeth II for CityNews.

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Ms. LaFlamme will cover, from London, the ceremonies and events over the next few days for all CityNews platforms, both on radio and television.

“The Queen is the only monarch most of us have known. We grew up with Her Majesty and we mourn the passing of this remarkable and inspiring woman,” commented the journalist in a press release published by Rogers, the company that owns CityNews.

Lisa LaFlamme’s departure from CTV in August after 35 years of service for the English network sparked outrage across Canada.

In the wake of the announcement of her departure, which was not her decision, media had suggested that Ms. LaFlamme’s gray hair could have led to the decision to do without her services, fueling criticism of ageism against Bell and CTV.

Bell Media responded by opening an independent review of CTV’s newsroom.

The president and chief executive of BCE and Bell Canada, Mirko Bibic, had finally assured, at the end of August, that the contract of the chief of antenna had not been terminated because of her age.

“I’m sure that’s not the case and I want you to hear it from me. Although I would like to say more about Bell Media’s decision, we are bound by a mutual agreement negotiated with Lisa, an agreement that we will continue to honor,” he said in a message posted on LinkedIn.

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