Death of the writer Hélène de Blois

Death of the writer Hélène de Blois

Author and youth worker Helen of Blois she passed away on January 13 at the age of 54, surrounded by her loved ones, in the palliative care department of the CHUM.

His latest album, The highest branch, published by Monsieur Ed, is still on the novelty shelves of several bookstores. She recounts the reflections that the little girl has, perched on the branch of this old tree that she loves so much. Up there, she wonders about the beginning of the world, about the time before the birth of this magnificent tree. A sensitive story about the passage of time, about the place that nature occupies in our lives and all the power of imagination and sensitivity of children. In 2017, his album Through the Elephant’s Gate, published in a short edition, was also noted. The story of this kid, who visits the museum with his elephant, highlights the prejudices we can have towards what seems different to us, all with humor and finesse.

After a degree in French studies at the University of Montreal and another in drama at UQAM, Hélène de Blois first acted in theater and then turned to writing. She published her first novel in 1999. Train to Kénogami, for which she was a finalist for the Cécile-Gagnon award. Several titles follow, including …And I will play the guitar, Located on my high legs, Ostrich and polar bear, especially. Thanks to her theater experience, one can imagine that she managed to ignite the hearts and passions of young readers with her numerous events.

All our thoughts are with his family and loved ones, as well as his editors.

Photo: © Chantale Lecours

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