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Defrauded at home, her bank refuses to reimburse her

Defrauded at home, her bank refuses to reimburse her

An elderly woman who is the victim of fraud is unable to obtain reimbursement from her financial institution for the money that two men allegedly stole from her thanks to a particularly sophisticated scheme.

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Denise Vaillancourt-Trottier, who lives in Deux-Montagnes on the North Shore of Montreal, received a call on June 2.

The man on the phone pretends to be an employee of the security department of his financial institution.

He is informed that suspicious activities are recorded on his cards, but in the Quebec region. The individual knows his full name, his address.

She replies that she is not in Quebec, but rather in Deux-Montagnes

The fraudster lets him know that his card has probably been cloned. He tells her that a colleague will come to her home to collect her cards.

“Don’t be scared, he’s a BMO security guard,” they tell him over the phone.

The pseudo security guard, 6 feet tall, rings the doorbell, hiding one hand behind his back. The lady says she was “really scared”.

“Is he armed? Does he have something behind his back? He told me that it took him the cards to deactivate them, ”explains Ms. Vaillancourt-Trottier in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“I’ll take them to BMO,” the fraudster allegedly told him. “I gave my cards, I had no choice. I was not to persist with it. A big 6-footer who was in front of me, ”defends the lady.

However, BMO refuses to reimburse her for the approximately $3,900 stolen, because she would have given her cards of her own free will. She says, however, that she felt threatened and defenseless in front of the individual who came to her home.

Questioned by TVA Nouvelles, the bank assures “continue to examine the file and be in communication with the client”.

The client denounces: “It is false, I have never had any communication since last summer”.

The Deux-Montagnes police reacted by indicating that the fraud schemes are more and more sophisticated and invite the population to be extremely vigilant.

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