Delphine Horvilleur, Renaudot pocket prize

Delphine Horvilleur, Renaudot pocket prize

IN Living with our deada small treatise of consolation, published in March 2021, by Delphine Horvilleur, explains much of her work as a rabbi.

First of all, it’s a great idea for the fall grand prize to highlight a story published in a pocket edition. Remember that the small format (usually 10 x 18 centimeters) represents more than one in three books bought in France. And an even more beautiful idea for the crown of Delphine Horvilleur’s magnificent story, Living with our dead, published by Grasset in March 2021, then recently in small format in Livre de Poche (206 pages, €7.40).

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IN Living with our dead, a small treatise of consolation, by Delphine Horvilleur, explains much of her work as a rabbi. Her book shows how close she is to the mystery of death every day. Accompanying the dying and their entourage, because above all it is about comforting the bereaved, he tries, he says, to “transform the inevitable and find meaning in it”. Between her rabbinical activity and literature there is a bridge that she often crosses: “I stand with women and men who need stories at key moments in their lives”, she points out. The bereaved need stories. We met her at the time of publication Living with our dead.

This “small treatise of consolation” tightly interweaves three threads – story, exegesis and confession: the narration of an interrupted existence, the way of giving meaning to this death through the texts of tradition and the evocation of an intimate wound. or the memory of a buried memory.

Sacred texts open a passage between the living and the dead, and “The storyteller’s role is to stand at the door to make sure it stays open”thus inviting everyone to come to terms with their missing persons and their own history.

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