Delphine Wespiser shocks her Instagram fans and confides in doing “evenings for 3” with her exes! – Tuxboard

Delphine Wespiser shocks her Instagram fans and confides in doing “evenings for 3” with her exes! – Tuxboard

Delphine Wespiser revealed confidences about her exes that shocked her fans on Instagram, she confessed to “going to parties at 3” with them

A few days ago, Delphine Wespiser confided in the most unusual places to get laid. The TPMP columnist had shocked some columnists and also Cyril Hanouna. And today, the ex-Miss France confides in her relationships with her exes. And even admits “We had parties for three lots of times”!

TPMP: The ex-Miss France lets loose and reveals her best unusual places to get laid!

A few days ago, in the 6 to 7 just before TPMP, it’s Cyril Hanouna who asked the question unusual places to get laid. Delphine Wespiser then confided in her meeting with a Maasai. She then confided ” What do you want to know ? My unusual places, right?… car, it’s not unusual, under a bridge, it’s not unusual either…”

At that time, Raymond commented on what the ex-Miss France was saying “Uh, under a bridge at 3:30 p.m. with traffic, if…”. Delphine Wespiser answered him “No, but under a bridge, at night”.

She didn’t stop there, and she also confided “In the vineyards too, the meadows…” Cyril Hanouna took advantage of this moment to react and burst out laughing saying “But excuse me, did you fuck with Charles Ingalls?” »

Delphine Wespiser wanted to explain herself and told “It’s great when there’s tall grass, when it’s not mown, you stand in the middle and nobody sees you”.

Delphine Wespiser shocks her Instagram fans and confides in doing “evenings for 3” with her exes!

L’former Miss France shared excerpts from his conversation with psychologist Michaël Stora. The columnist of Touche not at my post then spoke of breakup and relationships with exes.

To discuss it with her Instagram subscribers, Delphine Wespiser asked them the question “And you how do you manage your romantic separations? » The young woman then confided in her relationship with her exes. Delphine Wespiser manages to stay friends with her exes. She also confided “An evening where there are all my exes is something quite possible and it happens to me very regularly since all my exes are really friends, especially my first love who has become my best friend. I happened to go out to eat with my boyfriend and my ex, who is my best friend, and we had threesomes a lot of times, restaurants, he comes to eat at home… ”

Moments later, Delphine Wespiser added “I spoke with a friend who told me that I have the principle of the collector, but that’s not it. All the people I’ve loved, I want to put them in a little box and also keep them at my heart. The people who mattered have a place in my heart, it’s not one person chasing another, there’s room for all the people I’ve loved. That’s why I find it very hard for people who have loved each other and decide to no longer have a relationship..

Can you stay friends with someone you love?

Every relationship is different, and if Delphine Wespiser manages to stay friends with her exesthat his relationships were healthy. And that everything went well in the breakup for theformer Miss France. If you don’t, it might be hard for you to be friends or keep in touch with your exes.

And you, do you manage to stay friends with your exes?

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