Delphine Wespiser too tactile with her new darling? Her unexpected secrets about her intimate life

Delphine Wespiser too tactile with her new darling? Her unexpected secrets about her intimate life

During a podcast devoted to hugs, Delphine Wespiser confided in her private life. And to hear it, there is a new darling in the life of the columnist of Do not touch My TV….

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After a very long relationship with Roger, Dephine Wespiser recently announced their split. On Instagram, she said: “Because it was him and because it was her. Seven years ago we met in the colorful night. He showed me the light, the one that fills his heart. Together we lived, traveled, dreamed, built. We loved each other, we shared and we crossed the mountains, together, always together. I wish you all to live a story like the one my beautiful star gave me by making me meet my solar love. A story of love against all odds that will embrace my heart and my soul forever. Thank you, thank you for everything. I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best for the rest of the path where I will never be far .Ciao Amore.” A separation that therefore went off without a hitch, and visibly, the two exes remained on good terms.

Delphine Wespiser has become very cuddly

On the set of Do not touch My TV, Delphine Wespiser was regularly mocked by her comrades on this love story. The reason ? The age difference she had with Roger. But since this breakup, Cyril Hanouna and its columnists refrained from adding a layer. For her part, the former Miss France remains quite discreet about her current love life. But this January 17 at the microphone of Nutri Radio, Delphine made some secrets about the man who shared her life recently. And with him she is “hug hug!”

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A new darling who totally changed Delphine Wespiser

“I wasn’t cuddly before and I became cuddly cuddly. What’s amazing is that my first two darlings always told me ‘you’re not tactile enough, you’re not cuddly enough, you don’t like hugs, you don’t like kisses’. Today, I am completely the opposite. There are also things in life that make you evolve”first explained Delphine Wespiser. When the host asks her if her new darling complains that she is too tactile with him, she replied: “Exactly. That’s exactly it.” Delphine Wespiser would therefore no longer be a heart to take!

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