Denis Brogniart accused of harassment

Denis Brogniart accused of harassment

“Shit, just good enough to smile at”. Denis Brogniart would have gotten carried away in these terms against Charlotte Namura during a publicity break for the program “Le Mag” during the Football World Cup in June 2018. A scene to which the former TF1 journalist had made reference, in 2021, in the documentary by Marie Portolano and Guillaume Priou “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist”without then naming the facilitator. This Friday, his testimony is more direct in the magazine Here is which publishes an investigation into alleged acts of harassment on the part of Denis Brogniart.

“He is the very prototype of the person who is weak with the powerful and powerful with the weak”

Journalist Anne-Laure Bonnet on Denis Brogniart

Several collaborators of the animator of Koh Lanta bear witness to serious facts. In detailing the 2018 scene, Charlotte Namura specifies that she felt “insulted and humiliated” while she hesitated, during the commercial break, on the question to ask the viewers. But she is not the only sports journalist to react in this investigation. “Humanly, it is very difficult, assures Anne-Laure Bonnet, who shared the antenna with Denis Brogniart in the show F1 in the spotlight In 2008. He does not support co-presentation and throws mad rages with his subordinates, she says. It is the very prototype of the person weak with the powerful and powerful with the weak. » According to the article, Marion Jollès Grosjean, former host ofAutomotivewould have confided in private to colleagues to have lived “the worst memory of his career” working with Denis Brogniart.

Contacted by the magazine, the host acknowledged his outbursts of anger and apologized: “I am very committed, a perfectionist and during two live broadcasts on TF1, where the pressure is very intense, I had words that went beyond my thoughts, comments that offended some people and I regret it. Nothing justifies my behavior, which followed certain difficulties. These isolated facts do not reflect the privileged relationships based on respect and goodwill that I maintain with the technical and editorial teams of the programs in which I have participated for thirty years. I would like to apologize to anyone I may have hurt. »

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