Denis Brogniart accused of very serious facts by his collaborators, forced to confess he could lose everything! – Tuxboard

Denis Brogniart accused of very serious facts by his collaborators, forced to confess he could lose everything! – Tuxboard

For some time, Denis Brogniart finds himself in turmoil. Several women did not hesitate to swing on the host!

For several years now, Denis Brogniart has been here on TV screens. Indeed, he became one of animators the most present on the TF1 channel. But lately he found in turmoil.

Unacceptable behaviors

For many years, Denis Brogniart has been at the head of Koh-Lanta. As the seasons go by, his fans have been able to see him evolve. And the least we can say is that he has much changed since.

If Denis Brogniart does not intend to leave his place for animation from Koh-Lanta, he is also present in Ninja Warrior. TF1 has also been broadcasting the new season for only a few weeks.

But if the presenter is talking about him right now, it’s for another reason. He is in the middle of a controversy. And for good reason, former collaborators did not hesitate to swing on his many strokes of blood.

They revealed that Denis Brogniart had “crazy anger” and that he had made very humiliating remarks towards them. It is the magazine Here which recovered these testimonies about animator from TF1.

During the July 13 celebrations, he would have “screamed” in a “terrifying” way on a journalist and a production manager. In any case, this is what a “witness from the scene” told our colleagues this Friday, January 27.

A case that made a lot of noise

Denis Brogniart has also been the subject of an internal investigation carried out by the human resources department. She concluded to “an organizational problem in the face of high editorial ambitions in a particular context [incendies dans cette zone] ».

“And which could have generated general tensions on the ground”pointed out TF1 to AFP. For his part, Thierry Thuillier, boss of information of the group, gave information on the subject.

He explained that he had an update with the principal concerned about this case. Here also highlighted the testimony of a union official from TF1. The latter denounced the “Humiliating anger” of which Denis Brogniart is “capable in public”.

Before adding: “Especially with women”. For her part, Charlotte Namura, ex-host of Téléfoot, also confided in the subject. Denis Brogniart would have thrown him “that she was ‘a whole shit just good to smile‘”.

Words that he is careful not to make until the ad break on the set of the “Mag” of the 2018 World Cup. Journalist Anne-Laure Bonnet also revealed that animator “does not support co-presentation. And throws mad rages with his subordinates “.

Denis Brogniart apologizes

Denis Brogniart then spoke about this case. He insisted on apologizing. “I am very committed, a perfectionist. And during two live broadcasts on TF1, where the pressure is very intense, I had words that have passed my thought.

Denis Brogniart also confessed: “Words that have offended some people and I regret it. Nothing justifies my outburst, which made due to certain difficulties.

He later claimed that it was “Isolated facts do not reflect the privileged relationships based on respect and benevolence”. For its part, the collective “Women sports journalists” took the floor.

On Twitter, he gave his “support” to the ex-collaborators of Denis Brogniart. Before adding: “It is imperative that those in charge of the media take all measures to ensure that workplace violence stop.

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