Denis Brogniart, it’s over

Denis Brogniart, it’s over

Questioned by various testimonies pointing to behavioral problems, Denis Brogniart was heard by the director of information of TF1 for whom “the subject is closed”.

The testimonials are edifying. In an investigation published on Friday, Here highlighted the problematic behavior of Denis Brogniart, guilty of numerous outbursts of rage with his female colleagues. The problems are not new. Journalist Marion Jollès thus considers the two years spent by her side to Automotive as ” worst memory of his careerAnne-Laure Bonnet, who presented the F1 in the spotlight with him, abounding in his direction by pointing the finger ” mad anger with his subordinates”.

Another young woman to have come under the wrath of Denis Brogniart, Charlotte Namura remembers being insulted during a Mag of the World Cup in 2018, the star presenter of the one throwing at her in particular that she was notthat a shit, just good to smile » during a commercial break for hesitating on a question to ask viewers. A sequence that had earned a discreet call to order for the Burgundian.

An effective soap?

However, last summer, Denis Brogniart was at the heart of a new incident while he was live with soldiers as part of the special device for July 14. Animator star would have that day “screamed” on a journalist and a production manager. The case this time went up to the ears of Thierry Thuillier, the head of information at TF1, who launched an investigation by Human Resources. Without major consequences for the presenter of Koh Lanta.

I had an interview with Denis. We said things to each other. For me, the subject is moreover confided this weekend Thierry Thuillier to the Parisiana union representative confirming that Denis Brogniart had received “ a soap “ seems effective since ” we have not had any feedback for seven months concerning him”. The host will therefore continue to officiate at the head of Ninja Warrior or Koh-Lanta and could even be on the air on July 14. He is not ruled out “to date”launched Thierry Thuillier at the Parisian, adding “We will make the decision with him, we will see. »

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