Diam’s at the heart of a tenacious rumour: it emerges from the silence

Diam’s at the heart of a tenacious rumour: it emerges from the silence

This is the hope of many of his fans: Diam’s will she release a new albumthirteen years after the release of his last opus, S.O.S. ? Since 2009, the slightest clue or suspicion has become the subject of multiple speculations and rumours. So the artist must sometimes intervene to make things clear. The one who indicated putting an end to his career as a rapper in 2012 once again had to answer a question about the possible release of a new album.

Indeed, on November 19, Mélanie Georgiades, her real nameoffered a Q&A on Instagram and a follower asked: “I heard you were going to release an album, is that true? » And Diam’s to answer him: As I said in “Salam”, I will not return to the music world again. So, no, it’s definitely not a new album. »

Good news for fans

If indeed Diam’s will not take back his microphoneshe added in her answer a new one which should nevertheless delight his fans : ” It’s about the original soundtrack of my movie Salam which has gone on sale and online. » In July, the 42-year-old released this film. Inside, the former rapper broke the silence twelve years after retiring from the music scene and media. Diam’s also confided in her personal journey, spoke of her deep malaise and her depression as well as her conversion to Islam in 2008.

The documentary which she co-directed with Houda Benyamina (Divines) and Anne Cissé received good reviews and a very good reception from the public. Very touched by this success, the interpreter of The dumpling held, before doing a break from social media several months, to thank his fans: I wish I had found the right words to tell you how I feelbut I think I will never find them. (…) Your messages, your feedback overwhelmed me, and I weigh my words. » To find Diam’s, fans will now have to “be satisfied” with his film and his old albums.

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