Did Brigitte Bardot validate the France 2 series on her life? She answers, and it’s violent

Did Brigitte Bardot validate the France 2 series on her life? She answers, and it’s violent

Known for her outspokenness in all circumstances, Brigitte Bardot was questioned by the JDD on the series devoted to her life that Danièle and Christopher Thompson are shooting for France 2. And her answer could not have been more expeditious.

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Brigitte Bardot is a true icon. Besides, the star who continues her fight against animal abuse is regularly highlighted for her fascinating journey in documentaries such as the one devoted to her by BFM TV last December, entitled Brigitte Bardot, confidential. The latter mentioned in particular her troubled relationship with motherhood or the domestic violence of which she was the target. The opportunity for the public to discover it in a new light.

A series not at all validated by Brigitte Bardot…

Whether in the media or on her social networks, Brigitte Bardot is not afraid to express herself without filters. It is true that the star of the 60s is known for his virulent rants. She has again given proof of this in recent hours in the Sunday newspaper. The weekly interviewed her on the occasion of her entry (at 49th position) in the ranking of the 50 favorite personalities of the French. While France 2 will broadcast this year a series in six episodes tracing the life of Brigitte Bardotproduced by the mother-son duo Danièle and Christopher Thompsonour colleagues wanted to know if the star of Contempt had been contacted by the production. And the response came. “I don’t even know about that stuff!”launched the octogenarian, before adding: “But I don’t care: the only thing that matters is my real life with me in it. And not bullshit biopics.”

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A fascinating character

More than sixty years after beginning to be in the spotlight, Brigitte Bardot has chosen to stay away from rhinestones and sequins. “I’ve had enough of the spotlight, so it makes me happy to settle in completely natural light. It suits me well and makes me happy”, she justified herself. However, this does not prevent it from being regularly mentioned on television. an interest that the one who is close to Marine Le Pen can’t explain. Or almost. “There must be a link with my simplicity of life. The fact that I don’t give up and that I respond a lot to those who need help: when someone is alone, sick or in distress, I ‘take care of it’, she suggested.

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