Did George Michael validate the use of his songs before his death?

Did George Michael validate the use of his songs before his death?

last christmasthis is the title of a timeless hit by the group Wham!, but it is also that of the film broadcast this Sunday, December 25, 2022 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. And it’s no coincidence because the soundtrack of this feature film is full of songs by the late George Michael.

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On this December 25, 2022, Christmas Eve, TF1 remains in the theme with the broadcast of last Christmas, at 9:10 p.m. A romantic Christmas comedy as the Anglo-Saxons know how to do them so well and which is reminiscent of love in fact ! Probably because, in both cases, the action takes place in London during the holiday season. We even find Emma Thompson in both movies! But last christmas also has the false air of Oh mom!where Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and the other actors sing ABBA songs. Indeed, the plot of the film last christmas is punctuated by numerous songs by the late George Michael, died at 53 on December 25, 2016.

George Michael’s songs punctuate the plot of last christmas

Wake me up before you go, whatever she wants and last christmas (sung in duet with his sidekick Andrew Ridgeley from the group Wham!) or even So awesome, Faith, Freedom! ’90 and Another try (performed solo)… George Michael’s songs are omnipresent throughout the film. Better still, they seem to be one with the plot, which has also been confirmed by Pauf Feig, the director, to whom we also owe Ghostbusters100% female reboot of the cult film from the 80s. “JI wanted the characters to interact with these songs. George’s songs are so beautiful and show a lot of emotions. I didn’t want them to be right there“, he explained. We bet that with last christmasPaul Feig also wanted to pay a nice tribute to George Michael, who died three years before the film was released. Especially since the singer was very attached to this project.

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last christmas : a project approved by George Michael

Indeed, if he came out after his death, last christmas had been in the making for years. “It’s been 8 years since this project started, 8 years that Emma Thompson has been working on it”, said Paul Feig. “She knew George well so she talked to him about it, told him what she wanted to do. He loved the idea and it was he who even brought up the idea of ​​talking about the homeless because it is a cause close to his heart. The people around him knew about it. They were always open to including the songs in the film because they knew George Michael had approved the project.” There is no doubt that he would have loved this pretty romantic Christmas comedy…

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