Discover the marine animals of the Calanque

Discover the marine animals of the Calanque

Girelles, groupers, dolphins, octopuses or turtles… What if children, in addition to those from the other side of the world that are in many books, discover the animals that live around them? This is a successful bet launched by Céline It isrio who, when her granddaughter was born last year, had the idea to create a collection of books to discover local biodiversity with the little ones through her website Petit Gabian.

Beautiful illustrations

This year, he returns with a new project about marine animals that live in the Calanques. ” I already had this book in mind when I published the first one, but now the idea has come true and I am very pleased with it. “, she confides. ” And here we are talking about a children’s book that I illustrated and which lists about fifteen local species that are easily visible or not. »

Thus, on the right page you will find a large and beautiful color illustration, and on the left page, fun and enriching information about each species to help you recognize them in nature.

« The special feature of this edition is that the book will not be available in bookstores and at various points of sale. “, explains Celine It isRio.

Receive the book
for Christmas

As with land animals, an online pot has been launched on the platform KissKissBankBanka. The goal here is not to collect funds for the implementation of the project, but to offer a pre-order of the book. ” Pre-sale lasts until the 12th December on the site and the book will not be available elsewhere. People who buy it will be able to get it just before the Christmas holidays to put under the pine tree “, adds the author. ” The book is intended for children of primary school age from 5 years, but can be rewarding for the whole family ! Not to mention that the giant color is offered for purchase. »

Book and coloring :

16 euros

Pre-registration at

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