“Disgusting”, “rotten”… Unveiled on Twitter, the behind the scenes of the castle shocks internet users

“Disgusting”, “rotten”… Unveiled on Twitter, the behind the scenes of the castle shocks internet users

Until Sunday January 1, the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys in which the academicians lived is open to the public. Shown on Twitter, behind the scenes shocked several Internet users.

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I received many requests for visits! The town hall of Dammarie receives some and the security guards of the castle also from the fans who are at the gates. They sent them to me“, announced at the end of November Jean-Michel Pontet, the owner of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys in which the candidates of the star academy. He finally decided toopen its domain to the public following many requests during the Christmas holidaysfrom this Wednesday, December 21 to Sunday, January 1. The first visitors were thus able to visit in the footsteps of academics they followed during this tenth edition of the tele-hook which ended with Anisha’s Victory facing Enola.

Fans are shocked by the state of the toilet walls

Since the visits follow one another, some visitors have taken advantage of their visit to the Château de Dammarie-Les-Lys to post a few photos on social networks. And some shots shocked fans. These are mainly those that come from the toilets of the academicians. “But how is it already so rotten the walls? I’m not talking about what is marked, but about the state of the paint.”, “Behind the scenes: it’s disgusting!“, can we read in particular on social networks. But in reality, there is a good reason for the damage to this piece. The students have made it a place of memories, and all the academicians, of all promotions, wrote a short note.

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“It’s the only piece they haven’t retouched”

The toilet walls are the only ones that have not been renovated. And for good reason. Since the first season of star academy, the students used these walls to write a short note for the attention of the next candidates or to share their adventure. “It’s the only room they haven’t touched up, normally you can still see the messages of the candidates of the old Star Academy”, “They left the original painting since there were the words left by the contestants from previous seasons“, reassured some fans on Twitter.

Article written in collaboration with 6médias.

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