Disney bets very big but could censor the series

Disney bets very big but could censor the series

Daredevil will soon be back with a series all its own and if Marvel and Disney are betting big on the show, there could also be some censorship.

It was Charlie Cox, interpreter of the famous masked vigilante, who made some comments about the next series Daredevil: Born Again. During an interview for NME, the actor returned to the future of his character within the MCU and the consequences that this may have on the hero. Because yes, changes are to be expected

The Daredevil of the MCU less dark than that of Netflix?

According to Cox, the Disney Daredevil will be fundamentally different from that of Netflix. The red N platform having lost the rights to the franchise, Disney and Marvel won the day with everything surrounding the license, and the two giants decided to integrate all of this into their MCU, as if nothing had happened. This is how Wilson “Le Caïd” Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) reappears in Hawk Eye and that Daredevil broke into Spider-Man no way Residence and the series She-Hulk where he returns Many times. Daredevil then appears there as a joking lawyer and much more sure of himself than in the Netflix series, while at night the character seems more laid back and funny.

And for Charlie Cox, expect these changes to be permanent. If for him the series born again will always be a little dark, Daredevil should be very different from its Netflix version and the show should above all be much less violent and bloody.

quick-witted, funny, charismatic and carefree at times unlike its more brooding and dark Netflix version. In my opinion, this character works best when addressing a slightly more mature audience. My instinct tells me that on Disney+ it will be dark, but probably not as gory. I would say to the fans, we did it, it’s behind us. Let’s take what worked, but let’s try something else. Can we reach out to a slightly younger audience without losing what we’ve already learned that works?

Charlie Cox via NME

No violence at Mickey’s

We could therefore have the right to a somewhat different Daredevil and a series that will bend to the game of censorship to be less violent and less bloody. Marvel could indeed try to target a younger audience, likely to follow the hero in other productions thereafter. A subject that will certainly not fail to make people talk and we are already wondering how characters like The Punisher could make their comeback in the Disney stable and the current MCU. We may have some answers when we come out of Dead Pool 3. The first two films of the saga went frankly far into gore and trashy humor (and it’s excellent), and it’s hard to imagine that the third episode could follow the same trend, although it seems tell us otherwise. To see then. The next phases of the MCU might surprise us.

Whatever, Daredevil: Born Again should arrive here around 2024 in an XXL series. Disney is indeed betting big on the superhero and has already ordered 18 episodes, which is about double most series currently available on VOD platforms. Charlie Cox is expected to begin filming as early as January 2023 until at least December of the same year. We can therefore imagine that the series will not see the light of day before the second half of 2024.

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