disturbing new images for the finale of the trilogy

disturbing new images for the finale of the trilogy

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode continue to reveal themselves in new images from Halloween endsthe finale of the trilogy directed by David Gordon Green.

That’s it, it’s (again) the end for Michael Myers. Between the eight original films, the two feature films directed by Rob Zombie and the first two parts of the trilogy directed by David Gordon Green, the legendary immortal bogeyman of the Halloween died, then returned, a number of times during the franchise. But this time it should be the right one, the ultimate showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. A clash that was recently unveiled in a series of never-before-seen images :

The (last?) night of the masks

These photographs shared by the media Total movie reveal a little more about the iconic confrontation that will oppose the two myths of the saga Halloweenimmortal killer Michael Myers and original survivor Laurie Strode. A battle that has been prepared since the very first film of this new trilogy, David Gordon Green having constantly iconized the two adversaries to make this confrontation all the more inevitable, and potentially spectacular.

As a reminder, the exciting Jamie Lee Curtis will once again play the role of Laurie Strode opposite a Michael Myers played by James Jude Courtney. Laurie’s little family will also return in this third installment, still played by Kyle Richards (Lindsey) and Andi Matichak (Allison). Will Patton (Armageddon, Yellowstone) will also return to lend his features to officer Frank Hawkins, while Rohan Campbell (The 100, snowdrops) will play a new character by the name of Corey Cunningham.


Photo Jamie Lee CurtisClash of the Titans

The immense director of the very first film HalloweenJohn Carpenter, is back to sign the soundtrack of this new opus, while the cinematographer of the last two films will produce the image of this final chapter. Like the last part of the saga, Halloween ends will be released in the United States both in theaters and on the Peacock streaming platform.

As for France, Halloween ends will come out in French cinemas on October 12. Until then, it’s still possible to find the wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis in the equally wonderful Everything everywhere all at oncethe true Multiverse of Madness made by the Daniels.

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