“Do not play with surgery”: Marwa, reality TV candidate, appears completely disfigured

“Do not play with surgery”: Marwa, reality TV candidate, appears completely disfigured

Marwa, a reality TV contestant, had an allergic reaction after an operation. The young woman had injections removed from her lips.

Cosmetic surgery can sometimes wreak havoc. Like many other reality TV candidates, Marwa Merazka, seen recently on the show The 50 on W9, yielded to the call of the scalpel. Except that the young woman seems to regret having transformed her face since she decided to have the injections she had made in her lips removed. However, not everything went as planned…

It wasn’t me anymore, you didn’t recognize me

The night after her surgery, Marwa was able to see the first damage from the operation. She then confides to her followers on social networks that she no longer “recognizes herself” and reveals her new, bloated face to them. The candidate says it is an allergy. “I didn’t sleep at night, I was too scared. The next day, I went to the emergency room. I learned that I was allergic to this product. My body couldn’t stand it. I I’ve always been allergic to wasps, to the sun…”

On Instagram, she details her misadventures a little more: “When I was younger, I had had lip injections and I didn’t like it too much (…) So, I wanted to remove my injections because my bottom lip wasn’t symmetrical at all to the top one,” she explained. Suddenly, she goes to a specialist in cosmetic surgery. “I went to someone who is a graduate,” she says clearly.

Marwa admits that it could have been much more serious, in response to Internet users who had a field day making fun of her on social networks. “The truth, I really came close to disaster. It can take over your throat, your lungs, your tongue…it can block your breathing and it can be very serious.”

Fortunately, the young woman is now out of danger, but there is no doubt that she will remember this experience for a long time.

Marwa had an allergic reaction because she wanted to take her lip injections off. Do not play with surgery, it’s risky.

— Instagram: @shayaratv (@ShayaraTv) November 2, 2022

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