“Do not vote”: Mathieu Canaby, Julien’s brother (Star Academy), speaks after the announcement of the nominees

“Do not vote”: Mathieu Canaby, Julien’s brother (Star Academy), speaks after the announcement of the nominees

This Wednesday, November 2, the Star Academy candidates found out who were this week’s nominees. When the results were announced, Mathieu Canaby, Julien’s brother, spoke on social networks to comment on these nominations.

When you take it out on your little brother, Mathieu Canaby takes the offensive… On Sunday, October 30, Laura Balon had harsh words for Julien, candidate for the new promotion of Star Academy. She accused him of having “hit the camera to get the audience”, during the second bonus, up to qualify it as “lazy”. “You sabotaged it [la chanson qu’il a interprétée, NDLR] and [il était] even off the mark”, dropped the scenic expression teacher. Very quickly, Internet users who followed the sequence live, were quick to express themselves on social networks, to denounce the attitude “unspeakable”of the teacher. Some viewers even grabbed the CSA to denounce the harassment suffered by Anisha’s partner during the last evaluations.

Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV on October 31, Mathieu Canaby returned to this altercation which did not leave him unmoved. “All I have to say is that each student is focused on their own career and their own experience”he said, before advising each of “let go of Julien’s bunch”.

Mathieu Canaby is delighted not to see his brother named this week

Since the start of the Star Academy, Julien is named by his teachers. A delicate situation for the one who was fished out twice by the public. Only, this Saturday, November 5, the star academician will not be on the bench. Indeed, the duo he forms with Anisha has not been named by the faculty.

A news that obviously pleased his brotherMatthew Canaby, who hastened to share his joy on his Instagram account. “Okay, well this week, don’t vote”he said when he saw the names of Léa, Tiana, Paola and Carla on screen. “Too good, too good too good”repeated the musician at the top of his voice, overjoyed, before concluding with these words: In reality, you vote for whoever you want. Besides, I think I’m going to send a little vote. I’m not totally neutral after all”. It is said.

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