Do you have a good eye to detect how many books are in this picture?

Do you have a good eye to detect how many books are in this picture?

Having a good eye for detecting what others have trouble seeing means you have an exceptional mental quality based on sensation and perception. This is very important for most trades. By observing, a person can distinguish signs and objects that have minor differences, see them in fast movement, in a changed perspective, has the opportunity to reduce the time of perception of a sign, object, process.

So how many books are there in this picture?

Amazingly, our senses have the ability to convert information from the real world into electrical information that the brain can process. It is the senses that help us understand the world around us. How we interpret this information – our perceptions – is what leads to our experience of the world.

Humans are equipped with senses such as sight, hearing and taste

how many books are in the picture of the sensation

Quality of observation

In psychology, there is a whole field of study of the possibility of discovering the psychological essence of a person through observation and perception. Observability implies a well-developed visual analyzer, high absolute sensitivity. In observation, you can only see something if you know what to look for, what to see. Sometimes several people with different professional levels or interests in different fields are looking at the same thing. But in the exchange of information it turns out that the one who did not have the knowledge, or did not know exactly what to see, did not see anything thanks to his high sensitivity.

This involves fine differentiation

how many books optical perception

Observability is selective

One can meet people who have a high level of sensitivity for the perception of nature and the processes arising from it, but have difficulty distinguishing between states and processes. Also, to a large extent, personal characteristics are manifested in the awareness and understanding of what a person sees and perceives:

  • The first specific feature of observation consists in the fact that in the external behavior or in the very appearance of a person or thing, its condition or its inner, mental properties can be seen.
  • Another characteristic of observation consists in the necessity of distinguishing the signs by which a person expresses himself outwardly. They can express themselves through a physiognomic mask, posture, gait; mental phenomena that occur in the present, but also through facial expressions, posture, gestures.
  • The third characteristic of observation is related to a special interest in a person or thing as an object of observation and observation.
  • The fourth characteristic of observation is determined by the fact that the content of the activity includes interaction between people. And that means observing, as a general rule, not an isolated person or thing, but connected, in communication.

Selectivity is quickly created in the observation of a person or thing

co;many books observation under the lens


It has the ability to reflect the inner world of another person. Such thinking promotes understanding of other people’s thoughts and feelings and also evokes emotional empathy.

  • The emergence of empathy involves the development of perception and its relationship with thought and feeling. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, imitate their condition, understand what is not said out loud, identify with their emotional state, predict the evolution of behavior and psychological state. This is the concrete content of empathy, which is manifested in the processes of interaction between people.
  • Observation here contributes to a certain personality structure, in which such emotional qualities as impressionability, emotional sensitivity develop.

Its development contributes to the improvement of skills not only to see and feel others.

It can also make us predict her behavior

how much book observation

Tip for viewing all books

How many books do you see in this picture? Look carefully at the picture to spot something hidden.

Think about where the book might otherwise be carried

perceptibility is primarily influenced by the processes and qualities of the trick test of sensation and perception

A good eye is the result of training

Work on your vision. Try for a month or two to look at all things and people as if you will have to draw them. Look exactly like that on the street, on the bus, everywhere. And in a day or two you will be convinced that you did not see even 10% of what you are noticing now. And that in two months you will learn to see even without forcing it.


If you’re stuck with the picture and maybe you’ve figured out where the books are or haven’t guessed, check out the solution picture below. What a surprise! And the policeman carries a book.

Here is the correct answer

how many pounds answer the observation test



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