Doctors can do nothing more for her!

Doctors can do nothing more for her!

We had feared that the famous juror of France has an unbelievable talent unable to participate in the seventeenth season of telecrochet on M6, which has been in full swing since October 18… But that was counting without the extraordinary strength of character of Hélène Ségara who, despite her health concerns, insisted on sit in his chair alongside his peers, Éric Antoine, Marianne James and Sugar Sammy: “I just want to do my job, confided the singer in Tele-Leisure. (…) I want to be on my show because I have fun there and because I experience wonderful emotions there. “However, God knows that for many years, the interpreter ofThere are too many people who love you suffers from this ophthalmic disease. “I have been in the hands of the greatest teachers for nine years and there is still no real diagnosis”, she confides to our colleague.


An incurable disease that is making her little by little blind, which, without a doubt, is a source of anxiety for the 51-year-old artist: “My eye problem is important, but it is above all my treatment that is heavy, she explains. When I started, my vision was catastrophic. We managed to slow things down. Alas, these cortisone medications are not without side effects. So she has been gaining weight for some time, and her physical appearance has challenged the fans of the show, some of whom, malicious, have not failed to make derogatory comments about her on social networks…



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