Dole. This “pianist-doctor” from the Jura memorizes Mozart in two days

Dole. This “pianist-doctor” from the Jura memorizes Mozart in two days

“A lot of people say that I am a doctor-pianist, today I prefer to reverse the order”, confides Jean-Paul Guy, who today defines himself above all as a pianist.

His first love discovered at the age of five and which will remain during his brilliant career as a general practitioner then hospital nephrologist, notably within the hospital of Saint-Claude. Although the medical environment and the time devoted to his patients left him little respite, Jean-Paul Guy followed a parallel training.

“I followed the teaching of Rose Aye Lejour then in 1978 I took the start of a first tour alongside the violinist Mireille Cardose”, he explains. He will play a first concert with the orchestra of the chamber of Lyon where the critics salute his performances.

New remarkable performance at the Karl-Riepp auditorium

This Sunday, November 13, it was in front of 70 people gathered in the Karl-Riepp auditorium that Jean-Paul Guy offered a remarkable musical performance.

Alone, with his piano in the superb setting of the Chapel of the Visitation, Jean-Paul Guy surprised above all by his memory. “It is very rare to see a musician play without a score”, could we hear in the public and for good reason Jean-Paul Guy plays by heart. “It takes me two days to memorize Mozart,” he said after receiving loud applause from the audience.

All of the donations collected at the end of the recital will finance the actions of the Association obstetric fistula Africa (Aofa), an association chaired by Doctor Jean-Marie Colas, a urologist committed to the repair of obstetric fistulas, in aid of young people African women victims of poorly supervised pregnancies.

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