Dominic Leger presents a book on automated marketing | Isarta Info

Dominic Leger presents a book on automated marketing | Isarta Info

November 23, 2022

Dominic Leger, marketing automation expert and founder of Verkko, launches his first book: Automation + integration = innovation. Knowing today that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for an exceptional customer experience, the author in this book provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs to help them better navigate this universe.

Working with many SMEs over the past fifteen years, I have all too often witnessed companies held back by flawed processes or bad technology choices. It was the desire to share my experience in automating marketing processes and integrating web tools that led me to write this book. The ultimate goal is to enable SMEs to create memorable and repeatable user experiences. » says Dominic Leger,

Bombarded with the plethora of marketing tools available to them, entrepreneurs struggle to maximize their use. This book offers a selection of devices to help them set up automation processes that meet their needs. It also explains how to integrate these processes to facilitate data sharing and dissemination. A good way to innovate with intelligent investment to increase profitability with logical choices.

In this book, Mr. Leger explains to small business owners and marketing managers how to properly document their business processes to effectively implement automation. How to properly plan strategies according to stages and the buyer’s journey during sales? This is exactly what the author is doing to support these companies to improve the consumer shopping experience.

Automation + Integration = Innovation: Automate your marketing and sales, create memorable customer experiences and drive your growth!  (English edition) of [Dominic Leger]
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