Donald Glover lands his Spider-Man spin-off movie

Donald Glover lands his Spider-Man spin-off movie

The star of the series Atlanta, whose name circulated among the fans, to take up the costume of the spider man, will camp his adversary the musician Hypno-Hustler.

The Hollywood studio Sony continues to expand the universe of Spider-Man by drawing from the galaxy of its adversaries. After having devoted independent films to the characters of Venom, Morbius, Kraven the hunter and Madame Web, where Tahar Rahim will play the role of Dakota Johnson, the hour of glory has come for the obscure star musician of the disco Hypno-Hustler .

The Hollywood Reporter announced that comedian and rapper Donald Gloverthe creator of the series Atlantalanded the role and will produce the feature film. In the script is Myles Murphy, the son of superstar Eddie Murphy.

Among some Marvel superhero fans, Donald Glover’s name has been circulating insistently to take over the Spider-Man suit when current incumbent Tom Holland hangs up the phone. The singer and actor already has one foot in the Spider-Man universe. In Homecoming, Donald Glover camped Aaron Davis, the uncle of Miles Davis, the hero and one of the Spidermans of the animated film In the Spider-verse.

The Hypno-Hustler regularly appears in the rankings of the least charismatic Spiderman rivals, recalls The Hollywood Reporter. But the fact that it is a minor character has more to Donald Glover, who saw in it a greater artistic freedom.

Born from the pen of Bill Mantlo, who also created Rocket the supersoldier raccoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Hypno-Hustler was a tribute to the vitality of the disco scene. Known in civilian life as Antoine Delsoin, the Hypno Hustler is the lead singer of a group that uses hypnosis technology implanted in their instruments to rip off their audience. Such origins, guess The Hollywood Reporterthink they lend themselves to a modernization of this figure and venture into more recent musical genres closer to Donald Glover’s register.

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