“Don’t lose Baba, you’re not ready”: after Magali Berdah, Booba attacks Cyril Hanouna

“Don’t lose Baba, you’re not ready”: after Magali Berdah, Booba attacks Cyril Hanouna

Cyril Hanouna has made a new enemy. Since the beginning of the year, the star host of C8 has been in Booba’s sights. At war with Magali Berdahthe French rapper, who had participated several times in “Don’t touch my post” (TPMP)now criticizes the host for his supposed proximity to the director of the Shauna Events agency.

In his media crusade, the artist compares, for example, Cyril Hanouna to “a mafia godfather” and pops up every day on Twitter old videos of more or less embarrassing sketches. This Saturday again, the rapper posted a short sequence on showing in disguise, parodying a hit by Patrick Bruel.

Why this reversal? For nearly a year, the interpreter of “Keep the peach” has been fighting a fierce battle against the world of influence, which he accuses of scams and scams. He thus criticizes one of his most media representatives, the boss of the influencer agency Shauna Eventsendorse and promote fraudulent schemes. For her part, Magali Berdah denounces a wave of cyber harassment misogynist and anti-Semite who has been pursuing her for months. Despite an open complaint for “deceptive commercial practices” against the agency, Booba continues his battle against those he calls “influencers”. These main targets? The influencers Maeva Ghennam, Dylan Thiry or even the Blata couple, now targeted by a complaint for organized fraud.

“You hang out with thugs but you’re not a thug”

Determined to bring down the boss of Shauna Events, the rapper is now attacking Cyril Hanouna, ex-shareholder of the agency via the Banijay group, even if the host, who had hired Berdah as a columnist on the set of TPMP in 2018, has always assured that he had nothing to do with these cases. “You have chosen your camp, you are as responsible as all these demons that you protect”, Booba nevertheless launched at Hanouna at the start of the year.

After a series of spades aimed at him, the host ended up responding this Thursday evening to the rapper on TPMP, without clearly naming him: “If you want to attack me, do like everyone else, attack me on the networks. When you know you’re in the same city as me, shut the fuck up. There are people who are far away, they play smart. One day in Paris, we will see how it will go, ”he proudly launched, surrounded by his columnists.

For the rapper living in Miami, the message is clear. And his response is not long in coming. “Already be a man and pronounce my name. You hang out with thugs but you’re not a thug. At 32 you were playing playstation with mom and dad. Don’t get lost Baba you’re not ready. “The mechanics are launched: since this Thursday, Booba, tireless, has launched into a dozen frantic, mocking or aggressive tweets castigating the host. “What we have to say we will say it. You can call your grandmother or Superman… It doesn’t matter, ”he still had fun.

How far will this go? In any case, this digital crusade benefits the first interested parties. Booba’s tweets targeting Hanouna, for example, brought him 4 times more engagement than the average of his other posts, according to the social media monitoring tool, Visibrain, quoted by the DNA magazine. A boost in audience which the host of C8 could just as much benefit if the sequence stretched in length. Who will put the next coin in the machine?

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