Don’t Worry Darling, Smile… an Unfiltered program to celebrate the Cinépass Pathé-Gaumont

Don’t Worry Darling, Smile… an Unfiltered program to celebrate the Cinépass Pathé-Gaumont

It seems that the cinema is too expensive, and that in this new school year, the programming is struggling. This is far from being the case, as the writing of Écran Large proves to you, in partnership with the offers of the Cinépass Pathé-Gaumont.

Whether you are under 26, whether you like to discover films alone, or as a couple, the Cinépass has something to whet your cinematic appetites. At the end of the year, it takes the form of two exceptional offers to which you can subscribe right here. And these back-to-school offers deserve your full attention, since for six months, the Cinépass -26 years old goes to €0.50 per day, compared to €1 per day for the Cinépass Duo. What make you dizzy, especially when the dark rooms program the films below. Be careful though, the offer in question is valid until October 4!

Little money a day, for a lot of movies a week

DON’T WORRY DARLING – September 21

Alice has everything to be fulfilled. She and her husband have just joined a flourishing community, willingly utopian, where a dynamic economy supports a humanist project. At least in appearance. Because under the gold of a small town whose success seems the alpha and the omega, an insidious form of oppression takes shape, which only Alice seems to detect.

After a teenage comedy that surprised everyone (Library), Olivia Wilde redoubles her ambition with one of the most atypical and ambitious projects of the yearpraised during his presentations at the Venice Film Festival and then at the Deauville Festival. Grinning tale, paranoid sci-fi trip, don’t worry darling evokes the great classic The Women of Stepford, revisited by one of the most promising artists of the moment, accompanied by a prestigious cast, Harry Stiles and Florence Pugh in the lead.

Don't Worry, Honey: Photo, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh

Anguish, but with Styles

AVATAR – released in restored version – September 21

In 2009, Avatar has upset millions of television viewers throughout the world, upset the use of digital imagery, boosted the ambitions of Hollywood entertainment, and installed 3D in cinemas. While its long-awaited sequel will be on screens in December, the opportunity has come to rediscover the original work, which benefits from a brand new setting.

Restored from top to bottom, Pandora has never benefited from such visual mastery, thanks to an enhanced number of images per second, a beautiful 4K definition. More than a reunion, James Cameron invites us to a rebirth.

avatar: picture

Dance with the Blues

WITHOUT FILTER – September 28, 2022

Cannes, it is well known, is a festival of greyish moviegoers, who only laugh while burning their parts with a blowtorch. This cliché was demolished by the last edition of the festival, which sacred of the Palme d’Or a particularly edgy comedy. It must be said that to make fun of the shortcomings of the contemporary bourgeoisie, the director Ruben Östlund brings out the sulfateuse.

His film answers the burning question: what happens when the wealthy influencers, just the rich, vomitous eddies and staff on the verge of a nervous breakdown, come together for the time of a cruise? The answer is a game of massacre that will put the most sensitive spectators to the test, and overall, the intestinal flora of passengers destined for nothing less than ruthless adventures.

Triangle of sadness: photo

Under the sun…

SMILE – September 28, 2022

Smile, you are being hunted! This is what therapist Rose Cotter thinks to herself when she discovers the terrifying grin displayed by several people around her. What if a particularly dangerous entity had set out to hunt her down? According to the first images of SmileISpectators are going to be treated to a hell of a dose of chills.

Taking up a formidable structure, that of a curse structured like a countdown, director Parker Finn offers us here a first feature film with the air of a terrifying urban legend. And with the Conjuring saga dormant, that’s exactly the kind of terror we’re hoping for, with a smile on our face.

Smile: picture

You have to be positive

NOVEMBER – October 5, 2022

French cinema is often accused of having trouble dealing with current affairs, unlike its American cousin, who is quicker to transform reality into grand gestures of fiction. A criticism that does not apply to Cédric Jimenez, who is trying his hand here at a thriller in the form of a reconstruction, undoubtedly the most ambitious of his career.

With Novemberit focuses on the anti-terrorist units which tracked down those responsible for the attacks of November 13 for five days. After Bac Nord and its impressive success, there is no doubt that this challenge will be scrutinized, due to its terrible subject, but also the cast that it has brought together, where Lyna Khoudri, Jean Dujardin or Anaïs Demoustier should shine.

November: Photo Jean Dujardin

One of the shocks of autumn?

THE ORIGIN OF EVIL – October 5, 2022

A worker later discovers the identity of her father, an extremely wealthy old man, whose succession does not look easy. This is the playground of one of the most promising French filmmakers, Sébastien Marnier, who likes to twist the genres and the expectations of the spectators to better surprise them.

Family tragedy as much as intimate horror moviethis game of influence and manipulation within a family devoured by the unspoken and greed promises to be one of the most jubilant stories of the coming weeks. By bringing together nothing less than Suzanne Clément, Laure Calamy and Dora Tillier around a colorful Jacques Weber, the film aligns one of the most exciting castings of the moment.

The Origin of Evil: photo, Jacques Weber, Laure Calamy

A heavy legacy…

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