Don’t worry, I’m here: Roman Villedieu, the young actor from the France 2 TV movie, is he really autistic?

Don’t worry, I’m here: Roman Villedieu, the young actor from the France 2 TV movie, is he really autistic?

This September 28, France 2 is broadcasting Don’t worry, I’m here with Samuel Le Bihan and Roman Villedieu. The young actor, who plays a little boy with autism, is he really?

“It’s funny, insolent and very moving”. In an interview he gave us, Samuel Le Bihan was especially impatient for France 2 viewers to discover Don’t worry, I’m here. This September 28 on France 2, it is rebroadcast. He is the actor who wrote the story of this film, which he “entrusted to Pierre Isoard”the director of Alex Hugo. “He drew a script from it which he filmed for France 2. I play the main role in it. It tells the story of a man who flees an embarrassing fatherhood imposed by events”he told us. A particularly moving story for the actor, himself the father of an autistic child. “He is a man who has everything: success, money, success. This film is about handicap. But the most handicapped about love is himhe described to Current wife. That’s why he’s running away from his responsibilities as a father. And meeting Gabriel, this autistic child, will force him to open the doors and let his guard down.”

In Don’t Worry, I’m Here little Gabriel is played by Roman Villedieu. But is he really autistic? “No, not at all, he’s an actor”, replies Samuel Le Bihan to our colleagues. On the set of this TV movie, the actor was also impressed by the incarnation of his young colleague, who was to interpret an autistic child without knowing this disorder very well. “On the set, I came to complete with my personal experience. I had written this story, but I am not the scriptwriter, nor the director. I had to accept this rule of the game to let things go. I could, from time to time, offer some advice. But nothing more”, remembered Samuel Le Bihan in the columns of Femme Actuelle. And if you don’t worry, I’m here is obviously inspired by the life of the actor, he doesn’t want us to mix fiction and reality.

Samuel Le Bihan: “I constantly play with fiction”

“I don’t want to tell myselfassures Samuel Le Bihan to our colleagues. My job is to be an actor. So I play with fiction all the time. What I find interesting, as far as I am concerned, is not the direct testimony. It is to mix in fiction, personal experiences with other situations that I have collected.” Founder of an Autism-info service platform, the actor explained to us that he had a lot of work during confinement. “The number of calls exploded. Many parents were exhausted, just needed to put their pain into words, their feeling of no longer being able to do it without reception structures or support.he told us. Even if it was not always possible to provide them with direct solutions, we offered them at least a listening ear.”

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