Download area: discover the new “official” address of the site!

Download area: discover the new “official” address of the site!

Created in 2010, Download Zone is a site that lists download links for files of any type. Supported by a large community of fans, it is regularly in the top of the most visited sites in France. Nevertheless, with links leading a little too often to illegal content (music, film, etc.), he regularly finds himself in the eye of justice. This is followed by blocking of his address. This leads each time to the appearance of many harmful clones which mainly offer swollen virus files. If you don’t want to fall for a scam, we reveal you the last official address of the original site.

“My name is Download, Download Zone!” »

Zone Download seems to have even more lives than a cat since there it is indeed reborn under a new identity. After a “.ws” or “.cam”, the address you will need to follow to open the site is:

For the moment, the site is accessible without having to change your DNS: take advantage of it. Until when will this address survive justice? Hard to say but we know that the site has an extraordinary ability to rise from its ashes: the site was indeed “deactivated” in 2016, 2017 and April 2022. Note that user accounts are still in the database , you will therefore have access to the information already registered and you will be able to use your old identifiers. Due to the change of URL, access will not be automatic, you will have to get your sesame from your password manager. Again, beware of counterfeits (LOL).

Download zone
He is back !

As for those who use his services, a good idea might be to use a VPN. Admittedly, VPNs are more intended to protect themselves from HADOPI (which remains blind to “Direct Download”), but if you had to continue hanging out on sites of this kind, you might as well secure your connection…

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