Dr Dre is about to sell his music catalog for an astronomical sum

Dr Dre is about to sell his music catalog for an astronomical sum

Rapper and songwriter Dr. Dre is reportedly close to signing a deal with Universal Music Group and Shamrock Holdings. The star could sell them the rights to part of his repertoire for more than 185 million euros.

A great transaction for Dr. According to several American media, rap star and producer Dr Dre is in the process of selling part of the rights to his repertoire. An agreement would have been reached between the artist, Universal Music Group and Shamrock Holdings, notably known for having bought in 2020 the catalog of the six albums of Taylor Swift. If Dr Dre seems to have had to make some concessions, the artist who won seven Grammy Awards should however win more than 185 million euros.

According to a source close to the rapper, quoted by Variety, “the final sale price would probably be lower than the asking price of 250 million dollars (231 million euros), but well above 200 million dollars (184 .9 million euros).


This agreement would include several assets of the star. It would relate in particular, according to Billboard magazine, to two of his solo albums, but also to his share of royalties within the NWA group – emblematic crew of the 1980s-90s composed among others of Ice cube or Eazy-E, today now deceased – as well as his producer royalties and author’s share of his song catalog.

“The Chronic”, debut studio album by Dr released in 1992, considered one of the greatest US rap albums, could then be affected by this transaction.

If this agreement is confirmed, Dr Dre will not be the first artist to sell his rights in recent months. Last year, Bob Dylan and Sting also made the same choice.

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