Eaunes. Denis Job, world pizza champion, signs his book

Eaunes. Denis Job, world pizza champion, signs his book

On Saturday, November 26, Denis Job, 2018 World Pizza Champion in Naples, will be present from 4 to 8 p.m. to sign his book at the Atelier de la pizza, Place Clément-Ader. Passionate, an amateur among professionals, the 50-year-old does not hesitate to share his tips and culinary secrets. Get to know each other.

How did this passion begin?

It all started on a business trip to Italy where I discovered mini pizza ovens. I brought one home and started buying ready-made pasta. Until the day when I decided to make it myself, and improve it as much as possible.

How do you become a world champion?

Getting excited. At home, I created a dedicated universe with about fifteen ovens. A pizza maker is a bit like an orchestra conductor. The connection and dosage of the ingredients are important. In 2016, I participated in a competition where I won 5th place twice in two different categories. In 2017, I finished 3rd in the dessert pizza category in Rome. In 2018, I won the world pizza champion award. I worked hard to get there, I cooked it every week. I am constantly trying to develop a taste and a visual. But keep the recipe simple. It doesn’t stop you from doing great things.

Why a book?

I wrote a book to share my knowledge. I struggled so much on my own when I started that I decided to give the recipes and advice to the general public. I give advice on equipment, on the role of ingredients, recipes for a traditional or special pizza oven, pieces of dough to be used the same day or over 24 hours, recommendations for doughs made by hand or in a robot, do well the success of the teglia (impasto with high hydration, but distributed on plates), gluten-free…

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