Ed Sheeran is back on social media after personal ‘turmoil’

Ed Sheeran is back on social media after personal ‘turmoil’

Ed Sheeran explained why he hadn’t interacted with his fans “for two years” on social media. This absence was not related to his annual breaks around the holidays, but to a “wider concern”. The interpreter of shape of you revealed to have gone through a difficult period.

It’s in a video posted on Instagram that he explained himself. The singer first apologized for his absence, adding that “turbulent events” in his personal life had forced him to no longer communicate with his fans. “I didn’t really want to be online and pretend to be something that I wasn’t, I didn’t really feel like that,” he said.

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Fortunately, that period seems to be behind him. “I’m making this video to say things are looking up and I’m back online,” he adds. Proof that everything is better, the father of two children ends with humor by warning his community that “weird stuff will start to be published here”.

Hours later, the 31-year-old star shared a video montage of his three previous shows in New Zealand. Indeed, before performing tomorrow at the Sky Stadium, Ed Sheeran gave three concerts at the Opera House, a slightly more intimate room, which he obviously greatly appreciated.

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