Eddy Mitchell atomizes the Taulier!

Eddy Mitchell atomizes the Taulier!

A loss that still affects him and should last his whole life. For years, Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday were able to share many moments that will remain engraved in the memory of the first. This is why, on December 5, 2017, the day of the death of Taulier, the interpreter of On the road to Memphis was inconsolable. If the years have passed, he does not forget his friend and even dedicated a title to him in his last album.

A title that some did not find really flattering towards the ex-companion of Laeticia Hallyday. Eddy Mitchell therefore explained himself to our colleagues from Parisian on the choice of this song and especially, its lyrics. The 80-year-old artist confided that he had witnessed the betrayals of which Johnny Hallyday had been the victim during his life. That’s why, in this piece, he addresses “to everyone. We are betrayed only by his own, by loved ones, he knew it better than me. He sometimes surrounded himself with scamps, terrible people and it was a bit normal for him to be betrayed “he confided to our colleagues.

A past far from rosy

Still during the same interview, the one lashed out at Anne Hidalgo goes even further and swings on how the Taulier has “messed up” his life according to him. A “messed up” life partly because of certain substances that Johnny took but not only. “I regret that he screwed up his life a bit, that he did not listen to relatives such as me to calm down […] In life, I was a bit like his big brother”first ensured Eddy Mitchell.

The artist continued and revealed a dark side of the Taulier that he would have preferred never to see: “When he took disturbing things, I would tell him to calm down. But he wouldn’t listen to me. He never listened to anyone […] I was not the only one to warn him, to tell him to behave better, to drink less, to go to bed earlier… He was getting high a lot“.

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