Edith Piaf’s dress in Affaire Conclue: the sale of this exceptional item piques the interest of Sophie Davant

Edith Piaf’s dress in Affaire Conclue: the sale of this exceptional item piques the interest of Sophie Davant

For lovers, we found a Dress by Edith Piaf in Affaire Conclue. As usual, this article caught the eyes of Sophie Davant.

Concluded case back in the 20th century

Since 2017, Sophie Front spoils us with the Concluded Business presentation. The show that has become a cult on France 2 delights not only savvy collectors but also amateurs who seek to cultivate themselves. So, to diversify the Primes, the show likes to add various themes. For January 10, Affaire Conclue wanted to immerse spectators in the atmosphere of the 20th century.

And everyone pitched in to follow the theme. The set and the costumes had been adapted to stick with the times. Additionally, the items for sale were also in the theme. We even sold an Edith Piaf dress in these articles.

Comment from the buyer of Edith Piaf’s dress

One thing is certain, Sophie Davant is still as passionate about her work. For this bonus, she even agreed to change her hairstyle and clothes regularly. But the immersion in the atmosphere of the 20th century had also awakened the enthusiasm of professional buyers. Moreover, we even offered a bussophone for sale.

This is the old version of the jukebox, very popular decades later. But according to his testimony for Ouest-France, Harold Hessel affirms that it is the dress of Edith Piaf the flagship article of the sale. For him, it was moving to touch an item of clothing that the singing legend had worn on stage.

Edith Piaf’s dress would have interested Sophie Davant

We know the passion that carries the presenter when she sees certain articles in the show. During his secrets to Télé Star, she confided that she sometimes cracked on certain products. She would even have liked to buy a lamp and paintings offered for sale. And why deprive yourself? The wife of Guillaume Leymergie had negotiated with certain buyers at the end of the show to buy back the articles that he liked.

In any case, this Edith Piaf dress had surely caught her attention. The famous singer between the 30s and 60s had marked the world of French song. Also, as Sophie Davant easily attaches to the objects around her, a dress with such a past would surely not have been indifferent to her.

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